What Women Want: Nice Teeth and a Grasp of Grammar

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It competence be time to start attack a dentist’s chair (and a spell-check button) as tough as we strike a gym—teeth and (surprisingly) abbreviation tip a list of what singular girls compensate many courtesy to when sizing adult a new guy, according to a consult from Match.com. The online dating site recently asked 5,000 disconnected group and women ages 21 and comparison 200+ questions about dating, sex, love, and lifestyles. See what she’s judging we on—and what she couldn’t caring reduction about (plus, some pointers on how to urge in those areas where we competence be slacking).

When it comes to non-physical traits, she’s expected looking for someone who…

  • Treats her with honour (84%)
  • Proves himself infallible (77%)
  • Makes her giggle (58%)
  • Shares her values (47%)
  • Communicates his needs and desires (46%)

On her least-important list: zeal to marry, identical food preferences, wanting to have children, common domestic beliefs, identical educational backgrounds, and common racial backgrounds. Phew.

And don’t skip a few some-more consult stats that competence warn you:

  • She’s going to Google-stalk you: 48% of singular women investigate someone on Facebook before a initial date, and 49% of women would cancel that date if they found something sketchy
  • Your debt could be a understanding breaker: 65% of singles wouldn’t date someone who had some-more than $5,000 in credit label debt, and 54% wouldn’t date someone with estimable tyro loan debt. Ouch.
  • She competence share your sext: 45% of singular women have perceived a voluptuous content summary or photo, and 23% have common them with others.
  • Booty calls can be a commencement of something solid: 53% of group (and 40% of women) have had a “friend with benefits” in a past, and 44% of these arrangements have incited into long-term relationships.
  • Sex competence be improved when we settle down: 47% of married people news achieving orgasm 91-100% of a time, while usually 38% of singles have that kind of success rate.

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